Lezing: Hannah Leroux – Lived Modernism

120419_lezing-hannah-leroux-lived-modernism_LARGELezing Hannah Leroux, “Lived Modernism”. Notes on the social appropriation of modernist buildings in post-apartheid Johannesburg.. Maandag 23 april 2012, 13h00 – 14h15, Auditorium C (inleiding: Michiel Dehaene).

Hannah le Roux works in Johannesburg at the University of the Witwatersrand, and practices, curates and writes about architecture. Her work revisits the modernist project in architecture in Africa, and its transformation through the agency of African users and makers. Her writing has appeared in blank_architecture, apartheid and after (NAi 1999), Narrating Architecture (2006), Afropolis (2011), and in journals including Domus, The Journal of Architecture and the Architectural Review, and she has curated exhibitions in Johannesburg, London and Venice as well as for the 2012 Rotterdam Biennale.

In practice, she is involved in the repurposing of modernist buildings and public spaces in Johannesburg, including projects for Bloemenhof Park (published in Radical Landscapes, 2003), Upat (Mendrisio, 2007) and KwaThema (IFG Ulm, 2008). These projects reclaim aspects of modernist space as they prepare it for collaboratively shaped forms of life.

In her lecture, Hannah Leroux will discuss how in post-apartheid Johannesburg modernist spaces in buildings of the 1950s-70s are currently being appropriated by particular African diasporas and how an architect can engage with such phenomena.

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