Lezing Vernacular Vignola door Carolina Mangone (Princeton University)

Picture1Lezing Vernacular Vignola, door Carolina Mangone (Princeton University) op donderdag 24/11, 18u, auditorium D, verplicht voor studenten Architectuurtheorie 1.

Carolina Mangone is assistant professor of Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture at Princeton University. She is currently completing her book on Bernini’s lifelong emulation of Michelangelo’s art. She is co-editor of the anthology of essays, Material Bernini, which considers the tension between the material and the immaterial in Bernini’s works in clay, marble, wax, bronze and paint. Her own contribution to this volume, “Bernini scultore pittoresco” re-considers the dematerialized, optical painterliness of Bernini’s sculpture by aligning the concept of pittoresco (which referred to the materially present painted surface) and his rough clay and unchased bronze. Carolina is also immersed in a project on the reception of Michelangelo’s non-finito in the 16th and 17th centuries.

MANGONE_abstract_2016_Vernacular Vignola

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