Workshop: De Plantage

CONTENT_WORKSHOP-1The design workshop ‘de Plantage’ takes place in the context of the Flemish Policy Research Centre for Spatial Development (Steunpunt Ruimte). The workshop aims at the development of planning processes that bring agenda setting and implementation closer together. In dialogue with local stakeholders and local authorities a joint design agenda is drafted which links the objectives of local actors with the transitions faced by Flanders in matters of sustainable development and urbanization.

The area of Liedekerke and Denerleeuw serves as an exemplary case in which multiple logics of urbanization interlock. The area is historically organized around the valley of the Dender that constituted the backbone of a series of mercantile cities. Nowadays, the area lies on the western fringe of the metropolitan area of Brussels. At the same time it contains an interesting sample of dispersed urbanization as it can be found in many parts of the country. In the workshop, spatial strategies are developed in which the reconversion of the historic urban fabric is combined with the exploration of future perspective. The workshop is conducted around 5 themes: the water issue, the bio productive landscape, the housing question, the mixity and the mobility question. This design agenda is developed in the workshop proceeding from the leidbilt of ‘the plantage’. This image reads the area as a half-rural, half-urban context with free space for local experiments. 17 designers will work during 5 days under the guidance of prof. Michiel Dehaene (departement of architecture and urban planning, UGent) in order to elaborate ideas which have been developed on the basis of preliminary analyses of the researchers of the policy center. The results will be presented on June 5th, in het Kasteeltje of Denderleeuw.

Final presentation of the workshop ‘The Plantage’ 14h-16h
Het Kasteeltje, Stationsstraat 7, 9470 Denderleeuw

After the presentation, the municipality will offer a drink.
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