Beyond BIM

beyondBIM2015Beyond BIM is an open research symposium focusing on the connection of BIM models with simulation, sensor, GIS, heritage and FM data.

The symposium takes place on 9 December 2015 in the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning in Ghent, Belgium. It is organised by Pieter Pauwels and Stefan Boeykens (DStudio, KULeuven), and strongly supported by Bureau Bouwtechniek Antwerp.

In this symposium, we will look into the combination of BIM with simulation, sensor, GIS, heritage, product and FM data. We particularly welcome contributions that start outside BIM (simulation, sensor, GIS, heritage, product and FM data) and aim at bringing their data to the architectural designer and construction expert. Contributions are welcomed that look into the technical aspects of combining BIM information with other information, as well as position statements regarding future applications and research directions.

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