Horst Arts & Music 2016


Horst Arts & Music is a festival located at the castle of Horst in Holsbeek, Belgium that combines music and visual art. The two day festival that runs September 9th and 10th offers alternative electronic music. During these two days, an exhibition of art in the public spaces around the castle also starts, with works by Luc Deleu, Pieterjan Ginckels, Filip Dujardin, Adrien Tirtiaux, Anne Dessing, Elise Eeraerts and Lodewijk Heylen.

The exhibition, curated for the third time by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh is elaborated as a collection of in-situ work. Seven artists were invited to create and build work that critically intervenes with the two day music festival and the historic and scenic context of the castle. Pieterjan Gijs, co-founder of Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, is teaching assistent at the Department of Architecture.

Categories: Exhibition