Foundation rituals and architecture in early modern europe

In the period 2008-13 Maarten Delbeke has supervised, in close collaboration with colleagues from Leiden University (Caroline van Eck, Minou Schraven), research into the way early modern foundation rituals help us to understand the meanings that are attributed to buildings. Dagmar Germonprez and Anne-Françoise Morel have examined the paraphernalia employed at the foundation of the St. Peter’s church in Ghent, while Anne-Françoise Morel has written a dissertation (2011), funded by BOF of Ghent University, about consecration sermons of English churches in the long seventeenth century, in order to gain an understanding of shifting views on the church building in that historical context. Eelco Nagelsmit has worked on an FWO-project to write a dissertation (2014) about the architecture of churches and altars in seventeenth-century Brussels, to see how rituals and events transformed this architecture into active agents in the complicated religious and political context of the moment.