Low energy renovation of social houses

In the European ECO-Life project, Ghent University participates to the development of a CO2-neutral social housing neighbourhood “Venning”, in Kortrijk. This specialized course focused on the renovation of the old single-family houses from that neighbourhood to reach better energy performance and comfort levels.
15 groups of 2 to 3 students designed and analysed their own renovation proposals. Each group worked on a different set of adjacent houses. Their designs had to meet the current floor area requirements for social housings, making it necessary to change the internal floor plans, expand or combine existing houses. The energy performance and summer comfort were analysed based on dynamic simulations in Trnsys.
This resulted in 15 totally different designs being detailed, analysed and compared. They showed a large variety of formal and technical solutions, simple and complex ones, with more or with less emphasis on the building envelope or the building services.