Park 14-18. Atlas of storylines

Education: Advanced Topics
Academic year: 2011/2012
Staff: Jan de Graaf Pieter Uyttenhove

2014-2018 will remember the 100st anniversary of World War I. One of the frontzones was running from Nieuport to the Alps. The Flemish Westhoek still presents many traces of this almost immobile trench war. On an economical and on a spatial level, the memory of WWI will always have important consequences. Park 14-18, the masterplan which was made for the frontzone in Flanders, is based on a landscape scenography of ‘point of view’ and on their common links through a series of ‘storylines’. 

The seminar was organized around two assignments. An atlas had to be made conceived as a pile of maps (geography, chorography, topography). At the same time, storylines were created that ‘relate’ this history. The core of this assignment was to conceive these storylines, one per student. The storylines (paragraphs of chapters in the atlas) had to be represented in text, photographies, maps, etc.

Atlas of storylines