The same but different (2014)

Education: Jokerweek
Academic year: 2013/2014

From 31.03until 02.04, the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning hosted an international colloquium named ‘The same but different’.

In this colloquium, (inter)national speakers, departemental staffmembers  and bachelor- and masterstudents debated on subjects as ‘the superdiverse city’, ‘convention and invention’, ‘architecture for a world in transition’, ‘collective housing’, ‘the art-architecture interchange’, ‘SoftArchitectureMachinesREVISITED, ‘nouvelle-école-architecture’, and ‘the problem of the cornice’. The colloquium culminated in an intensive night session, during which positions and reactions were visualised on large format-posters. These posters were shown to the public during a two-week exhibition.

With this colloquium and complementary events, the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning brought forward the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the reformed educational programme Engineering-Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.