Design and Design Media

The research unit “Design and Design Media” and CAD combines all scientific activities in which the design methodology are central. The research unit aims at conducting scientific research, valorising this research into education (by means of workshops and master dissertations), translating and communicating these research results to the public by means of reports, publications, exhibitions. There is a strong interrelationship between this design practice-oriented research and the fundamental research of the other research units.

Three research lines can be identified which are often interwoven. First, there is a methodological research line in which is reflected upon the design process and upon the designers can deal with the design formulations. Equally parallel and interwoven with the aforementioned, a third line of research specifically focuses on the usage of computer systems in support of the architectural designer. Specific techniques and technology directions (e.g. CAD systems, databases, 3D visualisation engines, rapid protoyping) are investigated for their relevance and applicability in support of the design decision process.

The third strand concerns commissioned research and design assignments. This type of research is organised ad hoc, depending on the assignment and according to various scale levels – ranging from the broad region (town and country planning) to the building materials (material research and product development).

Research topics

  1. Theory of Design, Design Methodologies, and Architectural Typology
  2. Theory of Design and Architecture Education: focusses on design methodologies, tools and instruments, media and representational techniques through which knowledge transfer occurs
  3. Building Information Modelling (BIM), Linked Building Data, knowledge-based design tools, parametric and generative design