David Peleman

Category: Post-Doctoral Assistant
Phone: +32 (0)9 264 39 19


David Peleman graduated as engineer-architect in 2003 and works as a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Architecture & Urban Planning of Ghent University. In 2013 he finished his doctoral dissertation entitled Les Hommes de la Route. Engineering the urban society of the modern road in Belgium, 1889-1962, about road engineers as cultural actors in the making of the twentieth-century city. Since 2003 David Peleman has been involved in various studies of Labo S about the relation between infrastructure, landscape and urbanism in Flanders. He has published a number of articles about the cultural practice which undergirds architecture and urbanism, in Landscape Research, Journal of Architecture, OASE, A+, DW B. 

His post-doctoral research further elaborates and explores the contribution of so-called scientists and technicians in the process of urbanisation in Western Europe during the twentieth century, with a particular interest for the emergence and the role of middle-class in this urban project.