Willem Bekers

Category: Assisting Academic Staff
Phone: +32 (0)9 264 37 42


Willem Bekers (°1979) graduated as an architect in 2002, with the design for a museum in Glasgow (“Museum of Ballistic Design, or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb”). and a typological research project on coastal defense works.

After internships in several architectural offices, he has been working as an independent architect since 2003. In 2004, he became project architect at Import Export Architecture (Antwerp),working on  a variety of design projects, often with unconventional background or involving more complex geometry. Some examples are the scenography and access points for the Ruien (Antwerp’s underground canal system), the Urban Camping (a mobile structure for stacking tents), OBS° (a bird watching post made out of sandbags) and Fragile Lab (a fashion showroom).
He was also responsible for projects by Import Export Architecture in collaboration with Marc Koehler Architects, such as a communal house for the village of Loker (Heuvelland, B) and the development of auditorium buildings for Vesalius Hogeschool Gent (Ghent, B).

Since 2005, Willem Bekers is also teaching at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Ghent University. He is involved in several computer aided design and image processing courses (CAAD, rapid prototyping, visualization, computational design). Recent research interests
are the implementation of such tools in the field of history of architecture and urban planning, (defense) heritage and the history of camouflage.